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At Home Pictures on Patreon & Bookkeeping with John Burcham Erwin

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

For this week’s blog post, I would like to announce that At Home Pictures is now listed on Patreon!

I will still be writing blog posts that contain completely free video content, as I have in the past. Please look forward to more content relating to At Home Pictures and the production of Frank Stanford: “YOU” here, including poetry readings, promos such as teasers and trailers, and partial interviews. The Patreon content will be separate and unique, and will come in three tiers:

  • Tier I patrons will receive special thanks in the credits of the documentary Frank Stanford: "YOU", and other upcoming and ongoing At Home Pictures productions.

  • Tier II patrons get access to exclusive behind-the-scenes video content (new video every other week), in addition to recognition in the credits of upcoming and ongoing At Home Pictures productions.

  • Tier III patrons will receive the benefits for lower tiers, plus verbal recognition (shout-outs) in each production video, and will have the opportunity to vote on topics for new videos and blog posts.

The silly video I have included here on Bookkeeping is an example of the type of content I will be creating for Patreon, although I would expect many of them to take a much more serious tone, and while Frank Stanford: “YOU” is in production, elements of that film and its subjects will be the majority of the topics for these videos.


John Burcham Erwin