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At Home Pictures is an independent film production company operated by
John Burcham Erwin in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

John Burcham Erwin can be contacted at jburchamerwin@gmail.com.



John Burcham Erwin is a filmmaker from Fayetteville, Arkansas, where he lives with his two cats, Prospero and Fortinbras.


Erwin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing with an Emphasis in Poetry, and a Master’s degree in Journalism with an Emphasis in Documentary Film, from The University of Arkansas. He creates films in a wide array of genres, such as video poems, horror shorts, improvisational comedies, and documentaries. He works with non-profit organizations such as the Northwest Arkansas Historical Society, as a researcher, videographer, and media specialist, and The Open Mouth Reading Series, a community-driven series meant to promote accessibility and diversity in the world of poetry, as media director. 


Erwin’s work has been screened at The T Tauri Film Festival, The Ozark Foothills Film Festival, The Little Rock Film Festival, The Fayetteville Film Festival, The Made In Arkansas Film Festival, and The Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, and has been showcased or honored with special programs by Boaat Press, The University of Arkansas, The Washington County Historical Society, The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, and at The Shiloh Museum of Ozark History—where his film, “Every Father a Son,” is also on permanent display.


Erwin is the founder of At Home Pictures, a film production company located in Fayetteville. Currently, he is producing and directing the first feature-length film under the At Home banner: Frank Stanford: “YOU”, a documentary on the life and work of the legendary Southern poet. 


A story can be told in an innumerable amount of ways, but it will always reflect the human condition and the humans who made it. In my own work, I tend to focus on a single character, and show the world the way they might see it—regardless of genre.


I need to be working on something creative—be it through drawing, writing, acting, or any number of the other hobbies I have had in the past—but my favorite art form, and the one I have persistently told myself I must not give up on, is filmmaking.


I have made horror films, improvisational comedies, and historical documentaries; stop-motion shorts, computer-animated shorts, and hand drawn-animated shorts; movies with actors, movies with my friends as actors, and movies with puppets as actors.​


I like that film is inherently collaborative. I like that it incorporates elements of all the other art forms. I like that it can look like real life. I like that it is emotional above all else, and that it is about humans, even if you never see one on screen.